I love visiting Mistress Vex and being helpless under her power. I know that each session will be challenging and while Goddess pushes and tests me to my limits she always respects these and I trust her implicitly. Goddess dominates with a sense of wicked humour and is creative in administering her blend of exquisite torment  and strange pleasure. I look forward to worshipping at her feet again soon.


On my knees, legs slightly spread, forehead touching the floor and hands in front of me palms down I wait for Mistress Vex. I hear Her come up the stairs, I am ready to burst with anticipation. She stands in front of me, I can hear Her draw breath, “Good start, just how I fucking want you!” I am commanded to crawl towards Her, head still down I am permitted to touch Her feet and treat them as a Godess deserves. ”Enough - head up!” I do exactly as commanded.


For the next two hours I become one with my Mistress. Her exquisite bondage enables an exchange of power that cannot occur in any conventional way of life. As I feel the ropes around my wrists and ankles tighten I know that She will take control of me, mind, body and soul. Once bound I am blind folded - this simple action multiplies the intensity of my torture and deepens my dependency on Mistress Vex. I feel the clamps tighten on my nipples, the rope stretch my balls, and the firm and incredibly accurate impact of Her crop against my body. She penetrates my body at will, sometimes for pleasure, sometimes for Her amusement but nearly always for my pain. Each time I love Her a little more for it.


if I am lucky She will spit into my face and feed me Her divine piss. If She feels that I take my punishment well, She will reward me by increasing the intensity of the electricity She has flowing through my body. My muscles tighten, I pull against my restraints, I scream, and She rewards me with more torture. Thank You Mistress Vex for my bondage. Thank You Mistress Vex for my torture.